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Do you want to pursue university studies in Spain? Our partner organisations in Spain will assist you through the complete process of registration.

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The cities that students can choose for university education in Spain are Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona.
Our partner organizations in Spain will provide thorough guidance for prospective students wishing to study at Spanish universities by providing complete and accurate information about the documents required, registration deadlines and admission pre-requisites for every university. Prospective students will be helped to prepare for a personal interview which may be necessary for some universities.
Students who are not from the European Union or those who are not very proficient in Spanish usually are required to enroll for a long term Spanish language course with our partner schools. This course is usually taken for duration of 36 to 52 weeks and is sufficient for the prospective student to acquire the necessary proficiency level of Spanish required for in-campus courses at Spanish universities.
During the Spanish language course with our partner Schools, students will have access to personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions with specialists in the field of Spanish language teaching.
For the duration of the Spanish course at our school, students will have at their disposal several personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions with our specialists, who will guide them during the process of admissions to Spanish Universities.

Stepwise assistance provided by our partners:

1) Upgrading the prospective student’s proficiency in Spanish to meet the language level requirements of the university, which can be as high as B2. Our partners are Cervantes Institute certified language Schools and will take the student through the process of learning and prepare him/her for the DELE exam.
2) For students from many countries, for long term stays in Spain it is necessary to obtain a Student Visa and/or a NIE, or a foreigner’s identification number. Our partners will assist and take you through the process of obtaining the visa and with the NIE request.
3) Improving the chances for and assisting the prospective student to a successful acceptance at the University of his/her choice.

3.University Admission Process

For detailed information for the University Access Program, click on the city of your choice below:

For detailed information for the University Access Program, click on the city of your choice below:

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