9 am - 12.50 pm Morning
  • The timetable may be changed from the above times to either 8.30 am to 12.20pm or 1.30 pm to 5.20 pm, depending on the availability of classrooms.
  • If any participant finds the above changes inconvenient or disruptive, the School may be contacted for help.

Course content:

  • The course includes four daily Spanish lessons (20 hours a week), from Monday to Friday and is available for all levels – elementary (A1), intermediate (A2), upper intermediate (B1) or advanced (B2 and C1).

Course Suitability:

  • This course can be taken by all students, irrespective of their current proficiency in Spanish language.
  • The only pre-requisite is the desire and readiness to work on technique and progress steadily.

Course Objectives:

  • Upgrade and improve the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing by classroom study and enjoying Valencia, its people, customs and traditions and the Spanish way of life, via the weekly fun activities organized by the School.


  • On the first day, students require to report to the School at 8.15 am for the speaking test and orientation of the working of the School.
  • Please bear with some delay as the examiners will take some time to mark the test and decide the level where a student must be placed.
  • Classes will begin once this process is over.



211€ Per Week
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For the Intensive Course of duration more than 24 weeks, please look up the Long-Term Intensive Program (Super Saver course) here.


10% Discount from AIP Languages on course fees

Inclusions in the Course Price:

  • The oral and written Spanish Level Test.
  • Course material for students joining the course for 1 or 2 weeks. Students opting for the course for longer than 2 weeks must buy the course material separately.
  • Graduation certificate.
  • Free internet and WIFI in the school.
  • Free access to the Learning Centre in the School.
  • All afternoon cultural activities, at least 2 per week.
  • Free tutoring with teachers (depending on their availability) of 2-3 hours every week, in the Learning Center.

Additional Services offered by AIP in Valencia (at extra cost):

  • Weekend trips around Spain (optional, not part of the learning program).
  • Pick-up service from the airport, bus or train station, for an additional price of € 52.
  • Health Insurance, if required, as below:-
    • For 2 weeks = € 30
    • For every week over 2 weeks = € 7
    • More than 8 weeks = € 6 per week


Special Discounts offered at AIP:

  • An additional discount of 10% for 3 students who enroll together.
  • An additional discount of 15% for 5 students who enroll together.


Valencia seamlessly blends the ancient past from 138 BC with futuristic buildings from the new millennium. Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and has immense diversity, thriving culture and beauteous landscapes. Valencia is a centre for trade, culture, the performing arts, museums and business. It has also made a name as a centre for design and for holding fairs, exhibitions and conferences. Valencia has historically been the Mediterranean Port of Spain and has a maritime charm that comes with this fact. The beaches are clean and attractive and the proximity of the coastal mountains, wine and olive production areas and its famous Paella makes it a favourite with tourists, students and business people alike.

Living and learning in Valencia is an enriching affair full of grace and elegance. The geographical location of the city at the centre of Spain’s Mediterranean coast makes it the best place to base your Spanish sojourn as both the north and the south of the country are equidistant. The language schools of Valencia are the finest in the country and the city is by far the best place to base your edu-travel tour at.

Valencia Skyline Plaza de Ajuntamento Malvarosa beach Las Arenas Valencia Plaza de la Reina Plaza de la Virgen Plaza Redonda & Miguellete aerial Valencia Port Saplaya Alboraya Valencia Torres de Serrano & Other Monuments Torres de Serrano Valencia Turia Gardens 2 Turia Gardens near Palau de la Musica City of Arts & Sciences

Places to see and things to do in Valencia:


  • Valencia’s cathedral was built over the mosque after the 1238AD Christian reconquest of Valencia. The Tribunal de las Aguas, the Water Court, Europe’s oldest legal institution meets here every Thursday outside the cathedral to settle farmers’ irrigation disputes.

Torres de Serranos:

  • A Gothic structure which was once the gateway to the city. The gateway dates from the 14th century.

La Lonja de la Seda de Valencia:

  • This splendid building, a World Heritage Site, is a mercantile exchange dating from the 15th century during the Valencia’s heyday as Spain’s premier Mediterranean port. The building was used for the exchange of silk and commodities.


  • This zoo is devoted solely for African animals.


  • The southernmost building of the City of Arts and Sciences, this is Spains largest aquarium.

Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences ):

  • This stunning complex is built on a dry Turia riverbed and houses a science and culture park. The City of Arts and Sciences is one of the most visited sites in Spain.

Mercado Central:

  • A vast modernista market, which has been restored to its original grandeur. Shop for the best seafood and local fruits and vegetables – a specialty.

Las Fallas de San Jose:

  • This festival is held in mid-March, when huge wooden or papier mache sculptures are paraded, is a time of fireworks, bonfires and all night partying.

Gran Premio de la Comunitat Valenciana:

  • MotoGP races are held at the circuit in Cheste.
  • Fishing, boating from Mirador El Pujor jetties
  • Paella making, olive picking, wine trails.


About AIP Languages Institute, Valencia:

  • AIP Language Institute is the leading Spanish Language and Culture learning school in Valencia.
  • The school is located in the city’s heart, within the one of the safest and most up-market precincts of the city.
  • Sunny Valencia is an ancient and historical city of Spain, with much to discover and enjoy and AIP Language Institute offers students access to one of the best Spanish immersion experiences in Spain.
  • AIP Language Institute is strategically and conveniently located only about 10 minutes away from the city’s universities and also the beach.
  • The city’s landmarks and sights are a stone’s throw away and the School is eminently well connected by public transport to them.
  • A cosmopolitan atmosphere pervades the School’s premises, with students from all over the world studying here and is a glorious melting pot of contrasting opinions and cultures.


AIP Languages Teaching Methodology:

  • Not surprisingly, such an amazingly conducive learning atmosphere is fittingly presided over by a highly qualified and experienced team of teachers.
  • AIP’s excellently devised language courses, weekly tests, internal evaluation and continuous monitoring of students’ needs helps them deliver consistently high performances.
  • Apart from the constant motivation and support from the teaching staff, students have access to the excellent Learning Center for self-study.
  • The students also benefit from the 2-3 hours of tutoring each week with the School’s teachers (in addition to classes) and the many audio-visual aids at the School towards improving their language skills like listening, comprehension, speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary.



  • The School premises cover an area of 850 sq.m, which includes 22 modern well appointed and comfortable classrooms, that can simultaneously accommodate more than 150 students.

  • The large reception hall leads to the classrooms and can be used by the students to use the computer facilities.
  • The Learning Center adjoins the Reception Area and is well equipped for students to do their homework and interact with fellow learners.
  • The first floor houses the Internship Department, Administrative Office and the Travel Agency.
  • The reception area is clearly visible from these rooms.
  • The School also houses a facility for screening films used for the School’s activities.


Academic Accreditation:

  • The AIP Language Institute is one of the members of the Network of Centers chartered by the Instituto Cervantes for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
  • The School thus fulfils the conditions established by the certification system by Instituto Cervantes, the only worldwide recognized certification to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  • AIP Language School is also a member of the National Federation of Spanish Schools (FEDELE) which comprises six associations and has more than 90 Spanish schools that teach Spanish as a foreign language.


Photo Gallery:

facility1 facility9 facility8 facility7 facility5 facility6 facility4 facility3 facility2palacio realStudentsAIP Staff

School Activities and Spare Time:

  • There will be fun and exciting activities at least three times a week. These may be evening or full day activities, when students will be introduced to the exotic sights and sounds of the city. The best way for this is to stroll to the streets of the city guided by one of our knowledgeable staff members.
  • There will also be day or weekend excursions out of town to discover Spain’s best kept secrets in picturesque towns and villages around Valencia. Students can follow the School’s Facebook page to keep abreast with the activities timetable.
  • Spare time can be spent shopping, sightseeing, playing sports or simply hanging out in the many bars and restaurants with newly made friends
  • The central location of the School is conducive to enjoying the city at leisure.
  • Students can consult the School for information about how best to spend their free time.



AIP Languages offers two types of accommodation in Valencia

  • With a host family
  • Shared apartments with other international students from the School

With Host Families:

  • The best option for an authentic and complete everyday Spanish experience is to stay with a local Spanish host family.
  • This also gives students the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills as most host ladies do not speak English.
  • The host families have been selected with great care by the School and enjoy AIP’s abiding trust, having worked with the School for many years.
  • Host families are very warm and open and students will find them friendly and hospitable.
  • Part of the experience is having at least one meal with the host family. However, students can choose either Half Board of Full Board options with the host families.
  • Electricity, gas and water expenses are included in the cost of accommodation.
  • Students who are under legal age must stay with host families.

Shared Apartment, Standard:

  • A shared Standard Apartment is the perfect option of accommodation for an enjoyable and economical stay in Valencia.
  • Apartments come with separate single rooms for students with shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.
  • Students will be expected to keep their rooms and the common areas and facilities of the apartment clean, sharing expenses for toiletries, cleaning products, etc.
  • Similarly, food and groceries will be shared and bought by the apartment-mates.
  • This type of accommodation is the best option for knowing and understanding the cultures of fellow international students and and to forge lasting friendships.
  • Students must remember and appreciate, however, that English will be the primary common language since the individual levels of proficiency of Spanish of the students may vary greatly.

Shared Apartment, Comfort:

  • The Comfort Shared Apartments come with the advantage of being newer than the Standard Shared Apartments.
  • Here, bathrooms will be shared only by 2 students as compared to 3 or 4 in the Standard type. If a little more comfort and unhindered bathroom access is important, then this is the accommodation one is looking for.
  • The kitchen and bathrooms of Comfort Apartments are newer and in better repair.
  • However, Comfort Apartments will be farther away from the School as compared to Standard Apartments.


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If students wish to stay at a Student Residence, the School can assist them with the nearest one.

Course Terms & Conditions:

  • On receipt of the payment of the course deposit amount of €150 + €500 (Visa letter fee), AIP Language Institute will send an e-mail with a Letter of Admission in the selected Spanish language Course.
  • (It is highly recommended that summer courses with accommodation be reserved early to avoid the summer rush).
  • The balance payment can be made a few weeks before arrival in Valencia.

Accommodation Terms & Conditions:

  • Double occupancy bedroom (DB above) cannot be applied for if the applicant is applying alone.
  • The price mentioned in the table above is for a double room (DB) is for two persons.
  • An additional 10% will be charged for accommodation for relatives or friends of the student.
  • On request, AIP will help to locate a student residence, hotel or a youth hostel for desirous students in Valencia, prices for which are not mentioned here.
  • AIP has its own travel agency and the best accommodation can be selected.
  • The prices mentioned include all expenses and a deposit of € 150 per person will be payable on reservation for apartments which will be reimbursed on the student’s last day at the accommodation after confirmation of the satisfactory condition of the apartment.
  • Half board in a host family in Valencia includes breakfast, dinner and laundry once a week. Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The selected accommodation is available from the Saturday before the course starts to the last Saturday of the course.
  • Students staying at AIP’s apartments must hire one of AIP’s approved taxis from the airport, bus station or train station as the keys to the apartment allotted will be with the taxi driver.


For Detailed Terms & Conditions of the school and of the course, click on this link.