11 Internship Sectors
20 - 40 hrs Internship duration per week
1 - 6 months Internship duration


  • Be it with a foreign customer or at offshore office sites, being comfortable in and able to communicate in a foreign environment with ease is the fast way ahead for professionals who want to further their careers.
  • The best way to rapidly improve your linguistic abilities is to be able to practice your language skills in an everyday professional environment.
  • Besides fulfilling this immediate objective, new work experience can be gained and intercultural skills honed.
  • An internship with a foreign company provides all these benefits for professionals who work in environments which need language skills in the relevant language.


  • Spanish is one of the top three most spoken languages in the world (after Mandarin and Hindi) is the most desired language to be fluent in for enhancing one’s resume.
  • Learning Spanish and simultaneously doing an internship in a Spanish firm affords the priceless spinoffs of being able to practice what you learn in a working environment and learning to adapt to new cultures and ways of working in an international context.

Spanish + Internship Program Description:

  • Trip2Learn offers to professional desirous of doing an internship with a Spanish company/firm Spanish Language Course combined with Internship Program in various Spanish cities.
  • This is the ideal course for improving Spanish proficiency and the soft key skills required in a working environment, like co-operation skills, communication skills and understanding of new cultures.
  • Our partner organizations in Spain have Cervantes certified Spanish Language schools and have agreements with local companies which choose participants with the required profiles for periods from one to six months.
  • The daily working schedule for interns varies as per the needs of each company and may vary from 20 to 40 hours a week.
  • Remuneration to the intern is not mandatory for the company.
  • Great benefits can be accrued from this program in learning Spanish business culture, acquisition of intercultural soft skills and immense personal and professional development.

Some examples of internships offered through the Internship Program:

Select the internship of your interest-

  • Architecture
  • Export & Intl. Business
  • Education
  • Volunteering and social services
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Marketing & Advertising PR
  • Journalism
  • Transport, trade & shipping logistics
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Graphic or Interior Design
  • Human resources


  • In addition to the highest quality of Spanish language education in during the initial weeks, our partners offer all the services needed to make your stay in Spain a successful and enriching experience. All needs from airport transfers to accommodation with host families or student apartments for complete cultural immersion can be eminently catered to.

Requirements for Participant in the internship program:

  • Participants must be younger than 35 years old.
  • Participants must have full health insurance during their stay in Spain. Our partners can provide the same if necessary.
  • If the stay of the participant in Spain is for a period of more than 90 days and the participant is from a non-European Union country, an application must be made for a Student Visa before arrival in Spain (for most non-EU countries).

General Requirements:

  • Participants with a high-intermediate (Level B1 in the European Framework of Reference for languages) level of proficiency in Spanish will require at least one week of instruction at our partner’s Language School before starting the internship.
  • Participants with lower proficiency than B1 will require to expand the time spent in the Language School.
  • Complete beginners will require 8-12 weeks at the Language School to acquire B1 proficiency in Spanish.
  • It is eminently desirable for participants to be open-minded, social and adaptable to the profile requirements of the collaborating company.

Application Process:

  • Professionals can choose from the following cities to join a Spanish Course + Internship Program (click on the city for detailed information, application process and prices)

Important Terms and Conditions:

    • Please remember that the internship is provided as an opportunity for professional development.
    • It is considered a training period and is officially without remuneration. Participants must be aware that they cannot rely on earning from the host company either as salary or stipend and must make necessary and sufficient monetary arrangements to cover all the costs of transport, food and lodging during their stay in Spain.
    • Please follow the above city links to get detailed information and city specific terms and conditions.

Please select the city of your choice for the Spanish + Internship program fees:

What we offer
  • Right company
  • Accommodation & Airport transfer
  • Language training courses
  • Cultural Immersion
Why intern
  • Increase Language Skills
  • Acquire Intercultural Soft Skills
  • Adapt to International Business
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Become an asset to which the best head hunters look for