9 am - 1 pm Morning
  • Four daily classes Monday through Friday
  • Between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm OR 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm

Size of the group:

There shall be a maximum of 10 students in each class.


  • The Intensive Spanish Course ensures that the participant’s time in Spain is very well spent. Four classes a day, five cultural immersion workshops a day and five conversation classes will equip the students with all that is required to put their newly acquired knowledge to practical use outside the classroom, in an everyday environment. The cultural workshops and conversation classes provide a most complete insight into Spanish and Latin American culture, popular literature, cinema, gastronomy and folklore. The activities provide interactive stimulation for conversation, diction and pronunciation and creative writing.
  • The Intensive Spanish Course is taught at all 6 levels of Spanish proficiency. Each group is further divided into subgroups and participants will find themselves placed in the perfectly suitable group according to their proficiency level.
  • The Intensive and the Super Intensive Spanish Course are the flagship courses at Enforex, working on fast and permanent improvement in the students’ expressive and interpretive abilities, achieved by;
    • Listening: Honing the students’ listening and comprehension skills.
    • Reading: Improving the understanding of written content and spelling, diction and vocabulary.
    • Speaking: Development of speaking ability to enable free expression and stimulating conversation.
    • Writing: Achieved by various learning methods to improve direct communication.
    • Lexicon: Understanding the grammar and development of lexicon.

Intensive Course Details:

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Prices of the Intensive Spanish Course:

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One-time enrollment fee: 55 Euros

Deposit:  € 150 (subtracted from the total fee to be paid)

Visa letter courier fee:

Europe & USA: € 45

Eastern Europe: € 75

Other Countries: € 95


Seville or Sevilla is Spain’s southern metropolis and the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia. The very utterance of the name of the region conjures up the intense romance of the sun, plaintive guitar melodies, flamenco and magnificent monuments. Blessed with both looks and personality, this sun-drenched city harks back upon its past and builds the future upon it. Its Roman heritage (two Roman emperors were born here), rich Moorish legacy and opulent colonial past blend seamlessly together and merge into its graceful present. After the re-conquest of Spain by Christiandom, its Moorish architecture was absorbed into the newer Gothic traditions. Displaying tolerance, the new Christian rulers allowed the muslims, called “Mudejars” to remain and practice their religion. Though there were ceaseless attempts to convert them, these muslims remained in Andalusia for two centuries. From this amalgam of cultures rose a unique style of Moorish-Gothic architecture, called the Mudejar style. The later Gothic structures include the Seville Cathedral. The city is home to many leisure options like museums, art galleries and cinemas. The multitude of terraces, inns and bars lend themselves unforgettably to the old and delicious custom of “Going out for tapas”.

Beautiful building Seville 1 Seville 2 Seville Aerial Seville building Seville Old House Seville Sunset street Seville Woman in Seville

Places to see and things to do in Seville:

The Reales Alcazares Palace:

Originally built as a fort in the 10th century by the Moorish rulers of the area, the monuments have been periodically embellished by additions and new decorations by first the Arab Cordoban rulers and then after the 12th century by Christian re-conquerors of the region. The site was ultimately crowned by the dazzlingly splendorous Mudjar Palacio de Don Pedro, built by Pedro I. This one palace is the most outstanding piece of architecture of Seville which absolutely lives up to its World Heritage Site designation. The Palacio de Don Pedro is a glowing example of the Mudejar style of architecture which combines Islamic (Moorish) and Christian (Gothic) elements. Pedro I maintained good relations with the Arab rulers of Granada and artisans were sent from there to embellish the palace and create a sumptuous residence for the Spanish King.


The Seville Cathedral (Catedral de Santa Mara de la Sede) and the Giralda:

In the 15th century, the Cathedral was built over what was called the 12th century Great Mosque built by the Almohads. The only element remaining from that the earlier buildings in the minaret which is called the Giralda. The top of the Giralda was altered by later Gothic architects to include a weathervane. Many stages of architecture, from Mudejar, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-classical styles can be seen. A World Heritage Site, the Seville Cathedral remains one of the largest Christian churches of the world and indeed is the largest church by volume. The cathedral also contains the tomb of the great explorer Christopher Columbus (Cristbal Coln in Spanish). The monument entombs the explorer’s bones brought here from Cuba.

Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes:

This Baroque mansion houses Seville’s richest art collection. A very informative and authentic audio feed is available, which details the slow chrysalis of art from the Dark Ages to the Realism of Diego Velzquez.

Archivo de Indias, The General Archive of the Indies:

This World Heritage Site houses millions of pages of documents which archives the history of Spain’s Colonial era, especially the relation of Spain with its American colonies. The building dates from the 16th century and is a converted market.

Plaza de Espana Square:

This premier place of cultural congress was built in the late 1920’s.

Parque de Mara Luisa:

This green lung in central Seville is a delightful place to be dreamily alone and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park adjoins the Plaza de Espana.

The Torre de Oro Tower:

This building dates from the 13th century and is the symbol of Seville. It houses the Naval Museum.

Museo del Baile Flamenco:

Spread over three floors of an old palace, this museum traces the history of the mysterious art of Flamenco with drawings, paintings, photographs and costumes. The nightly concerts are a must-see. Learning workshops can also be arranged.


  • The many inns, tapas bars and restaurants are awesome places to drink, gorge and mingle. The fare ranges from contemporary Spanish to Basque to Tapas.
  • Tours to visit sites and museums showcasing Moorish Spain can be arranged from Seville.

About Enforex Spanish School in Seville:

  • The Enforex Spanish School in Sevilla is situated in the Arenal precinct of the heart of the city. This is a historical part of Sevilla, being the old port trading with the Indies in its heyday.
  • The School is strategically located close to the city’s landmarks and points of reference like the World Heritage listed Cathedral, Alcazar, City Hall, Triana Bridge, La Giralda, the Golden Tower and the Maestranza Bullring. Students will find it an extremely pleasant walk, getting to and from the School.
  • Surrounded by many bars and restaurants of every imaginable variety, the locals are extremely open, friendly and willing to help students wanting to improve their Spanish.
  • Enforex Seville will therefore prove to be the perfect and fruitful place for your Spanish sojourn.

Enforex Classroom Enforex Seville School Building Enforex Seville students Enforex Seville friends Enforex Seville sevilla School friends Seville classroom Seville School chill-out Seville School inside

Spanish Accreditation:

  • Enforex’s schools are all accredited by Instituto Cervantes. Enforex Sevilla school has been approved by Eduespaña and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, among others.
  • Enforex schools and accommodation have the Ideal Quality Certificate, guaranteeing the highest standard.


International Accreditation:

  • Enforex Spanish programs are approved by theSwedish Government (CSN) and the German Government (BILDUNGSURLAUB).
  • Other international and national memberships include:Ideal Quality Certificate, EduSpain, NAFSA, AATSP, ALTO, AMACFE, FEDELE, AECAE, ACTFL & ELITE.



  • All teachers hold a Master’s or a Doctorate degree in teaching Spanish and are specially trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language.
  • Many are long-term experts in the areas of Spanish Linguistics and History, Tourism and Marketing and are friendly and open-minded.

Student Ages & Nationalities:

  • Enforex Spain hosts students from the age of 14 to 50 and from over 70 nationalities, making the School an extremely rich and diverse place to study and make friends.


Facilities at Enforex Spanish School, Sevilla:

  • The building covers 1200 sq.m, including 14 large classrooms.
  • Modern computer room
  • A well-stocked library
  • Conference room
  • Community areas
  • Typical Andalusian patio decorated with typical Triana tiles.
  • Completely handicapped-friendly premises
  • Wireless internet access and air conditioning.


Seville with Enforex:



Why learn at Enforex video:


Cultural Activities with Enforex Sevilla:

  • With objective of not confining learning of the Spanish language to the classroom, cultural immersion activities are planned when experienced teachers guide students through sites, excursions and activities.
  • This extensive cultural immersion speeds up the learning process as the classroom teaching is used in a real time context. Students will be intimately introduced to the unique history and character of the region.


Most popular cultural activities planned for the afternoons and evenings:

  • Welcome dinner at a typical restaurant with one of our friendly staff members.
  • Guided tour of the city’s most important and interesting areas and sights.
  • Visits to Sevilla’s many museums (Archaeological, Arts & Customs…)
  • Spanish film nights
  • Visit to the Maestranza Bullring and the Bullfighting Museum


Weekend Excursions from Seville:

The very special location of Sevilla lends itself eminently to trips to nearby beaches and lovely old towns, as well as to Portugal. In addition to visits to places within the city, these out of town excursions are scheduled for the weekends. Some of our weekend trips are:

  • Córdoba
  • Carmona
  • Itálica
  • Isla de Tavira
  • Cádiz
  • Granada

Accommodations in Seville:

Four different types of accommodation are offered to students by Enforex during their stay in Seville:

Types of Accommodation offered:

A] Host Families:

  • Host families afford students the best opportunity for authentic immersion in Spanish culture and for practicing the skills and knowledge acquired at School.
  • All the host families are native Spanish speakers and are carefully handpicked to ensure perfect placement of the students.
  • Host families range from young families to elderly couples, all friendly and helpful and eager and willing to welcome students into their homes.
  • Efforts will be made to accommodate students in host homes within 20-30 minutes from the School.
  • Choice of rooms vary between single or double occupancy.
  • Choice of meal plans are no meals, half board (Breakfast and dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), affording students a chance to sample Spanish cuisine and bond with the family.
  • Food allergies, special dietary requirements or dislike of pets will be accommodated as best as possible.


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Private Bathroom: 45 per week

Extra Night (Maximum 3 days): €39 per night

B] Student Apartments:

  • Students may opt for accommodation in Student Apartments, where they will have the chance of making friends from all over the world.
  • The apartments, while not luxurious, are clean and well appointed and are fully furnished and equipped. Each has a kitchen which is fully equipped for students to prepare their own food.
  • Apartments are located within walking distance from the school or are a short ride away by public transport and all are situated in safe and secure areas of the city.
  • Apartments are available in different sizes and characteristics and are booked as per availability. Students can choose between single, double or triple rooms.


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Extra day (Max. 3 days):  €45 per night

Private bathroom: €45 per week

C] Student Residence:

  • This type of accommodation is best suited for the chance to meet many fellow students from all over the world and Spain, all living in the same place in a fun environment.
  • Student residences are centrally located, at a maximum of 20-30 minutes from the school.
  • Meal and room choices are single or double room and bed and breakfast, half board (breakfast and dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Most residences have common bathrooms but access to a private bathroom may be possible.


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Extra night Double/Single: €39

Private Bathroom /per week: €45

D] Private Apartment:

  • This is the option for students who would want to live by themselves and come home to a private place after classes and activities.
  • Private apartments are available in all sizes like studio to multi-bedroom.
  • All apartments will be within walking distance or a short ride from the School and all offer wireless internet access.
  • Students preferring to look for their own accommodation can be suggested or booked with hotels or apartments according to their preferences.


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For detailed terms and conditions of the school and of the course, Please download the brochure of Enforex. You can find the General terms and conditions of the schools and for the courses in this brochure.

Click on this link to open the website of Enforex where you can download the brochure: