Our Aim

At Trip2Learn we aim to provide options that allow discerning travelers and students of culture to spend their sojourns in different countries exactly as they would like to. We strive to create edu-cultural travel packages that ensure complete cultural immersion and tours that provide a real and out-of-the-ordinary experience, those that will always give great value for money. We aim to achieve this by providing standard products as also products with customization to delight the student and traveler alike.
Holistic Essences
Value for money
Authentic and Offbeat

What We do

"Language, Culture & Travel"
We have, at Trip2Learn, designed a plethora of learning and cultural immersion packages which combine cultural activities, themed tours and Spanish language learning with permutations of every choice. We offer Spanish language courses at renowned Spanish language schools in many Spanish cities. The courses combine themed activities along with sightseeing to provide a thorough cultural immersion experience. Courses can be selected depending on the level of Spanish language fluency existing and desired, as also depending upon the choice of themed activities.
Trip2Learn also offers off-beat and themed tours for the discerning traveler. Travelers can choose from standard theme tours or have their tour customized as per their specific requirements of interest, time and budget. The tours can be themed on Gastronomy, Art/History & Architecture, Festivals, Adventure Sports and the like. The tours designed will cover all the activities and sights desired by the traveler, at the same time providing the necessary and sufficient flexibility for the travelers to do their own thing. We also offer Internship and University Access programs which enhance the level of Spanish fluency to match company and University requirements.